NB Hobby Sodablasting Gun

A gentle new method for removing paint, dirt and mould! Environmentally friendly sodablasting is ideal for most cleaning jobs around the home, refurbishing or cleaning parts of cars and other vehicles, maintaining properties, or overhauling boats or caravans. The NB Hobby Sodablasting Gun is suitable for both hobby and professional use!

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Sodablasting neither damages glass, rubber or chrome, nor heats or stretches even the thinnest sheet metal. Using the NB Home Sodablasting Gun, you can remove paint, impurities, mould and grease from a variety of objects. Soda is an environmentally friendly choice that is soluble in water. This means it is easy to clean up afterwards. The NB Home Sodablasting Gun is easy to use. Buy the NB Home Sodablasting Gun, and find your own application! Use only NB Cleanblast cleaning and blasting soda. Experience gained over several decades shows that soda makes an excellent cleaning agent. Now Nordblast Oy has made it easier to use and more efficient for every consumer.

  • Compressor max 10 bar
  • Operating pressure 2-8 bar
  • Average air consumption 180 l / min

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